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Aug 14th, 2010
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And so, after an intensive two hour gym session (involving gymnastic rings (!), a reasonable amount of time in the sauna and too many jokes about how the trainer is red-haired and short), an inordinate amount of time spent chasing the sun around the balcony when I should have been reading up on negligent misstatements causing purely economic loss and meeting at least 1 (one) guy currently undertaking ramadan, we come to this most auspicious time of day; blogging. It is rare for me to come at blogging with such an existential mindset but this Saturday, bound up as it was in the contemplation of livelihood and dictated as it was by the menial nothings of everyday life, has left me in a bit of a pit of cogitating unease which I hope, with the help of Delphic, to crawl my way out of.

I came to Delphic relatively late. The alternative dance group from Greater Manchester, England arrived on my desk long ago enough but for some reason, which in hindsight seems to have been the off-putting, esoteric look of their cover art, they never reached the dark recesses of my PC’s CD-ROM drive. As a result, ‘Counterpoint’, this most magnificent of what I’ve come to term ‘thinking songs’ (a la Coldplay’s ‘Clocks‘ or Air’s ‘La Femme D’Argent‘ I find that it is amongst only a few tracks that I can alternatively zone out to and experience a profound emotional response to), only entered my sphere of orbit a couple of weeks back now. In the context of this here blog, where we pride ourselves on being fraiche as hell, that’s sort of a blight on the record. But at the same time, I think the fact that ‘Counterpoint’ has the ability to still maintain pride of place on my ‘favourites’ playlist some 18 months after it was initially released speaks volumes of its timeless quality. Where electronic musical particularly experiences fads and crazes so significant that they can damn a band to death-by-cultural-irrelevance within months of their debut release, Delphic strikes me as a stayer.

‘Counterpoint’ has become an instantaneous favourite by virtue, I think, of it’s simple, mesmerising quality. In the vein of many of the meditation records father R spins, Delphic has achieved a song soothing in both its repetitiveness (for another, more down-tempo but equally fantastic example, see ) and its lyrical message of calm. As the soundtrack to a day spent largely lounging in the groove of predetermined routine and other such banalities, ‘Counterpoint’ serves to comfort and reassure as well as inspiring hope for a night of some value ahead. In the grand tradition of ‘que sera sera’, Delphic offers up a security blanket in a song. At least one good reason to get into debut long player ‘Acolyte’.

Delphic – Counterpoint

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