One A Day is the only music site in the whole wide world unconstrained by genre or era. Instead, we go against the grain and disavow the mp3-blog tradition of posting heaps of illegal links and not much in the way of insightful analysis by doing a bit more of the latter, a bit less of the former. Fundamentally, One A Day is a music site with music – the feel, taste and experience of it, dancing, driving fast with the windows down belting out popular lyrics and not caring when you get weird looks from the car next to you, sharing with mates, being a hipster – at its core. We post on one different song every single day – weekends and (sigh) public holidays included. We’re not about Top 40 hits or indie jams or undiscovered gems or how Tchaichovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ relates to Lupe Fiasco’s Food And Liquor.

We’re about all of that – and then some.

One A Day has been around for almost four years and over one thousand longform entries. It has an average of around 1,000 unique visitors every day from all around the world; California to Calcutta and Indiana to Iceland. A family business, it is maintained by two brothers who live about two metres away from one another, but prefer to communicate via eight-hundred word epistles about the flaws of Kanye West than hug it out.

David is a world-beating journalist who has worked at The Bangkok Post and Campaign Brief, as well as having contributed to The Vine, The Brag and Honi Soit.

He particularly enjoys running, green olives, hip-hop and cruising his 21 year-old Honda Civic down to Bondi Beach while blasting something garish like Swedish House Mafia. He is heaps tall and has rather imposing muscles. Thus, if he were a rapper he would be Montell Jordan.

Jonno is a freelance music journalist who currently scribbles things for The Vine, Pedestrian.TV, Monocle, Strangelove and other places that don’t pay him very well and is also Staff Writer at The Brag Magazine. He has previously worked for The Sydney Morning Herald, Cream and Oyster.

He particularly enjoys not wearing a shirt, ’90s rock music, reading his own hate mail and continually alphabetising his CD collection. He has a nose ring and a great suntan all year round. Thus if he were a rapper he would be Andre 3000.


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