Backstreet Boys – She’s A Dream

Apr 27th, 2009
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I guess this is what autotune sounds like if you can kind of sing. Take note Yeezy.

Guess whose back, back again? No, not you Shady. Backstreets back, alright! As if they didn’t get enough of a renaissance with the last (stinker of an) album, the original (and the best) 90s boy band are back to try their hand at reinvention again. This time with the help of the infallible T-Pain. Really, you can’t go wrong with the guy. Except if you’re Kanye. That’s another story. But to be brutally honest, 2007′s ‘Unbreakable’ was shit. If you’re going to do Nickleback pussy-rock, do it properly. If you’re going to do 90s synth-pop, do that properly. Just don’t do both improperly. On 2009′s TBA album (as in To Be Announced), it seems the boys are embracing the r’n'b inside of them, with Pain, Wayne, Ne-Yo and Akon all slated for a helping hand. Notably, Max Markson – writer to the stars – is also back on the cards.

Seems positive. Until you listen to this dross. Ok, it’s not terrible. It’s highly listenable (I’ve heard it back maybe three times in the last two days – come on! It’s the Backstreet Boys) and I’m pretty sure it directly rips off a T-Pain’s hit ‘Can’t Believe It’ – the whole ‘make her say ‘ohhh” part – but it’s not the era-defining stuff of ‘Everybody’ or even ‘Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely’. It’s in the lovey-dovey vein of the latter but somehow doesn’t have that kind of staying power that suggests it will be a massive success. But you never know. Mariah Carey has had 18 #1s. Like, what the fuck? Anyway, since Kevin (Richardson – the one with the heavy eyebrows) left in 06, the BBs have been missing something. Obviously Kevin. Obviously a good righter. But more mysteriously, something else.

For someone’s sake, I hope that this year’s album is a hit. It would be really fun just to be living through a second mid-90s. I wasn’t old enough to enjoy No Doubt, Britney, Eminem and the Boys back when I was 9. Surely their second-comings will be just as intriguing, if not as sonically engrossing. To be sure, I’m not hailing a return to the mid-90s pop era. It’s evident that Britney (if not Eminem, and we’re not sure yet about Gwen and the lads) has evolved her sound to fit the times. So it’s more like 90s 2.0. With better clothes. And video clips. And more GST. Bummer. Anyway, new Backstreet coming up. I can’t remember which, if any, is gay. But I suppose it was that Kevin kid because on this track, they all seem to know how to drum up a bit of sexual healing. It’s lift musak. But it’s not that bad.

Backstreet Boys – She’s A Dream

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how can you even moderately defend this piece of overproduced shit as ok? how can you even taint your blog with it? how can contribute to their online presence by writing an article about them? I think the point of greatest annoyance with this track is these late 30yr old white powerpop douchebags(is that how you spell it) calling girls shorty. I think I just vomited a little bit. please dont do that to me again


I believe brother’s posting of it was to emphasise the ‘band’s’ position as a piece of cultural waste that we are yet to be entirely rid of. I didn’t like the ‘shorty’ comment either. Which backs up D’s claim that the song may have been written by T-Pain. If anything, I think it’s underproduced. I only hear one drum kit and four voices. I want shit loads of synth crap everywhere!!!

Jonno Seidler

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