Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet

Feb 17th, 2009
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Seeeeeewwwwwww… appaz there is a new Klaxons song out their haunting the heads and hipsters who hit up Trip J when they’re not smoking/punching/fucking/munting/kicking/killing/insert-derelict-term-here. Actually, that’s not nice. I listen to JJJ. Whatever the case with the national broadcaster’s demographic majority might be, the station is notoriously good with giving out track names and artists – four songs down the track. For those of us who are quick at smoking/punching/fucking/you-get-it, that’s wayyyy too long to wait for a track title or even a confirmation that that guy wailing down my warbling 105.7 frequency is actually Jamie Reynolds (singer of Klaxons). Whether it was or it wasn’t, J couldn’t sit through another 0.9 seconds of poor old Dooley and thus, we have unverified reports of a new Klaxons song.

Such a report would come as welcome news for those who have been waiting since 2005 for more Klaxony goodness. Seriously. They think they can make an album called Myths of The Near Future and then fuck off for four years because they’ve covered it all with that cheeky title. No. I will not jump off the bandwagon until you provide me with some new aural nourishment. And nothing piss-boring like Duffy, I want Atlantis-To-Interzone rip-the-shit, shred-the-ears, pump-the-brakes, flip-the-waffles, swat-the-insects, jump-the-trampoline type ish. Y’heard.

As I was saying. These reports are as yet unverified and are thus as trustworthy as those that proliferate the blogs of posers like Paris Hilton’s brother etc. Rihanna broke Chris’ rib before he retaliated. The Fray is actually good. Will.I.Am is producing MJ’s next album. 50 Cent is actually good. Yeah yeah, eat my shorts. Thing is, unlike all those erroneous lines aforementioned, I’d really (as if you hadn’t worked it out by now) like some new Klaxons. I’ve rocked out (as much as one can rock out on public transport) to their nu-rave sounds on ferries to Koh Phangan, trams in Nice and dodgy, hydraulically-unsafe buses in Hanoi. I’ve pretty much exhausted every corner of the earth in the effort to extract some new meaning from the same twelve tracks. It’s exciting until you get into a cab in London. Than it’s just drab.

This, my friends, is not new. This is ancient, debut Klaxons. An oldie but a goodie. It has some melody (a rare thing in Klaxon-ville) and this video is like Sailor Moon takes on James Blunt takes on Bjork. Plus, the little arrows that look like their from cube runner get a beating. I hate those damn arrows.

Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet

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